Movies Named After Towns and Cities

David Washington, Christian Bale and Margot Robbie in Amsterdam

David O’Russell’s Amsterdam was recently released in UK and Irish cinemas. As you can see from the film’s title it’s a city name, the list below is movies whose titles are named after towns and cities. An extra bonus I’ve decided to also include other movies that have a town and city names as part of their titles.

As ever this list is not in any order nor is it a complete list, just a selection…

Belfast (2021)

Kenneth Branagh’s personal story based on his own upbringing in Northern Ireland’s capital. Charting the life of a 9 year old boy when the troubles of 1960/1970’s troubles. From his loving family and neighbourhood to joy, laughter, music and his love for films. A labour of love for Branagh that won him many awards that gave cinephiles that feel good charm that we need every so often.


This could be argued is Spielberg’s Unforgiven. True life drama about the covert action by Mossad to take out the Palestinians responsible for killing the Israeli athletes at 1972 Munich Olympics. It highlights the power of vengeance and if that is justified. The action bring more pain, blood for all involved as well as paranoia. The film attempted to condemn the violent conflicts between both sides that’s sadly still going on.

Manhattan (1979)

Regardless if you never liked his movies or not, Woody Allen may not be flavour of the month thanks to recent misdemeanours, he has created some fabulous. Many consider this one with Diane Keaton and Allen as his best which plays like a love letter to the city. A bitter sweet rom-com which Allen plays a divorcee middle aged television writer. His wife (Meryl Streep) leaves him for another woman he dates a high school girl despite knowing it’s wrong. Is his fellow writer (Keaton) better choice?

Casablanca (1942)

Possibly Humphrey Bogart’s most iconic role as Rick Blaine. With his white dinner Jacket devastated by Ingrid Bergmann rejecting his love that would make Bogey a tragic romantic hero. Blaine is a nightclub owner in Casablanca Morocco who discovers his old flame is in town with her husband he must help flee the Nazi soldier hunting him.

Chicago (2002)

Rob Marshall’s big Hollywood style musical brought back that old fashioned extravaganza back to the big screen. A rousing tale of Jazz and Murder as lawyer Billy Flynn (Richard Gere) who defends Nightclub Sensation Velma (Catherine Zeta Jones) who urdered her philandering husband. Everything you want in a musical is in this one and it’s considered one of the best stage to screen adaptations.

Paris, Texas (1984 )

Considered by many as Wim Wenders greatest film, it’s a masterpiece to many. Harry Dean Stanton possibly delivering his best critical performance. A story of self discovery for Travis (Stanton) a man plagued with memory loss attempting to rebuild his social life whilst wondering the barren Texas desert. Visual treat as much as a treat for your ears with sounds from Ry Cooder.

Nashville (1975)

Considered the quintessential Robert Altman movie. This may have been made 47 years ago, it’s still very relevant today in how the public worship celebrity’s. It’s also a commentary on the American Dream, and like many Altman movie a cast full of many A-List actors.

Fargo (1996)

The Coen Brothers brilliant black comedy thriller starring Frances McDormand as a pregnant cop investigating roadside homicides and a despairing car sales man who hires two criminals to kidnap and extort a ransom to help him out of debt. Brilliant cast that won McDormand best actress award and the brothers best screenplay. You’ll laugh at the accents which play on it’s Germanic/Scandinavian origins and off course the wood chipper scene.

Meet Me In St. Louis (1948)

After The Wizard Of Oz, Star Is Born this film is probably one of other films Judy Garland will always be known for. MGM Romantic musical with Garland one of four sisters heading to 1904 World Fair. Cue songs, dancing and the Boy Next Door romance. Directed by Judy Garland’s once husband Vincente Minelli

Mr Smith Goes To Washington (1939)

Franz Capra’s classic film starring the legendary James Stewart. The story of naive and idealistic Jefferson Smith (Stewart) who is taken by surprise by a spineless governor when Mr Smith is appointed to the senate. Hoping to do good for his local community but when he reunites with his hero and senior senator the true nature and dirty tactics of the political system are exposed. Many trying to corruptly destroy Mr Smith, who is nothing more than an honest man. A timeless classic!

In Bruges (2008)

Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell might be falling out with each other in Martin McDonagh’s Banshees Of Inisherin, the pair first meet in McDonagh’s cult comedy thriller. The pair play Irish hitman hiding out in the Belgium city

Escape From New York (1981)

John Carpenter’s post apocalyptic thriller starring Kurt Russell in his iconic Snake Plissken role. Manhattan is now turned into a maximum security prison which Snake must navigate around. Forced into a rescue mission for someone he doesn’t care about. The president of US (Donald Pleasance) held captive by the Duke (Isaac Hayes). He has 24 hours to rescue him, if successful he’ll get a pardon.


New York, New York (1977), Philadelphia (1993), Tombstone (1993), Le Havre(2011), Detroit(2017), Miami Vice (2006), Philadelphia Story (1940), Sleepless In Seattle (1993), LA Confidential (2001) Gangs Of New York (2002), 3:10 To Yuma (1957/2007), The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

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