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  • Film Review – Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

    Film Review – Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

    2019 Knives Out was an unexpected hit for Rian Johnson. The Last Jedi his previous film divided fans with some seeing the 2019 film his redemption. 2022 We have the much anticipated sequel Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery now on Netflix. The first film embraced the Agatha Christie’s The Mouse Trap whodunnit trappings. Glass…

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  • Movies Set On/In Water

    Movies Set On/In Water

    Giant Smurfs in water aka Avatar : The Way Of Water is still the big release in UK and Irish cinemas. Recently on Scary Monsters And Super Geeks internet radio show (on Voodoo Radio) I shared this list, dedicated to films set in water. Be on the surface or in it or even both. As…

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  • Film Review – Decision To Leave (2022)

    Film Review – Decision To Leave (2022)

    Elvis Presley famously sang about ‘suspicious minds’ in 1969. 53 years later Korean film maker Park Chan-Wook seduces our eyes with crimes of the heart in his latest thriller, Decision To Leave. Now arrived on MUBI, soon to Blu-ray in a couple of weeks. Suspicious minds run amok in Chan-Wook’s first theatrical release in over…

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  • Film Review: Avatar – The Way Of Water (2022)

    Film Review: Avatar – The Way Of Water (2022)

    In 2009 James Cameron gave up filmmaking to create the most expensive video game ever to created Avatar. This was the man who gave us two of the best sequels to two of the greatest film franchises Alien and Terminator. For the last 13 years he’s been sharing cave with Gollum to bring us the…

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  • Film Review – Nocebo (2022)

    Film Review – Nocebo (2022)

    Wealthy families and Nannies seem to go hand in hand in the horror genre. After the weirdness of Lorcan Finnegan’s Twilight Zone chiller Vivarium, things get supernatural in his follow up Nocebo. The nanny is here to help you! Eva Green drowning in a psychological crisis as a children’s fashion designer Christine. She is suffering…

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  • Film Review – Violent Night (2022)

    Film Review – Violent Night (2022)

    Cinephiles have been arguing for years if Die Hard is truly a Christmas film. Universal Pictures has released what might be called Die Hard in a Manger , Violent Night. This festive tale doesn’t have Bruce Willis but the big man himself Santa Claus. After endless bad Christmas films that are drowning in saccharine, Violent…

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  • Film Review – City Lights (1931)

    Film Review – City Lights (1931)

    He’s film’s most iconic tramp, Charlie Chaplin returns with what  some consider his greatest film, City Lights. Now released  and restored by The Criterion Collection on Blu-ray with a host of fantastic extras. This is one of Chaplin’s most cherished films.  As for my previous statement  it’s his greatest film, that off course is personal…

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  • Eat The Rich, Movies About Class Conflict

    Eat The Rich, Movies About Class Conflict

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who, during the French Revolution, cryptically warned, “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.” To coincide with last week’s review of The Menu, I have a look at some of the best ‘Eat The Rich’ movies. Those movies that satirically dig at the class conflict using…

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  • Film Review – Bones And All (2022)

    Film Review – Bones And All (2022)

    Luca Guadagnino’s cannibalistic coming of age drama Bones And All, a story of young adults looking for their place in the world. Craving not just the delights of the world but eating it’s inhabitants too. Giving ‘fingering’ a whole new meaning. Taylor Russell stars in this one along side Timothee Chalamet as our star crossed…

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  • Film Review – The Menu (2022)

    Film Review – The Menu (2022)

    Even on holiday I have to get my cinema fix, That came on my first full day in Tokyo, Japan.  Ending the day  with a trip to the local Toho cinema in Shinjuku which has Godzilla above it. A late night screening,  and Japanese ticket prices are very similar to the UK.  Got my ticket,…

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