Listen To Outside Centre Film Podcast Episode 129

How time flies when your having fun and over the weekend we recorded another episode of the Outside Centre Podcast. The world cinema film podcast I  monthly guest critic on with host Theo Neumann. This month sees us look at Russian Horror, Kitchen Sink drama, Finnish style and a Latvian war epic …

Firstly is Sputnik, a Russian horror film directed by first timer Egor Abramenko. A Cosmonaut returns to Earth after a space mission goes wrong and he is not alone.

Next, Stupid Young Heart from Finland which was Finland’s Foreign Language Oscar entry for 2020. It follows a young naive couple, Lenni and Kiira, who becomes pregnant and the pair struggle to find a place for their own, struggle to get financial support and struggle with relationships in a divided society.

We conclude with The Rifleman, Latvia’s highest grossing and most watched movie of all time, adapted from the 1934 novel Blizzard of Souls. It’s a war epic that principally follows two generations of the same family through War against the Germans and the Russians.


This Episode  and previous episode  are also available at: Apple Podcasts | Breaker | Google Podcasts | Overcast | Pocket | RadioPublic | Spotify | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS

If you want to here any of the previous episodes I was on, click on the links below. The Outside Centre isn’t just myself, they release 2 episodes a month with filmmaker/writer Ben Woodiwiss the guest critic on the other episodes.  To listen to those episode click on ‘All Episodes’ link below…

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