Listen To Outside Centre Podcast Episode 125

Slightly later than planned, finally recorded recorded Episode 125 Outside Centre film Podcast. As you’ll I’m a monthly guest on this podcast as myself and Podcast host Theo Neuman review 3 films from around the world. This month’s 3 picks come from around Poland and Lithuania which premiered at Glasgow Film Festival. The other film is from Finland which played Edinburgh Film Festival. Did we like them? Listen below and read the intro to June’s Podcast…


We begin the episode by discussing Polish film Supanova, directed by debutant movie maker Bartosz Kruhlik. A film with a simple premise; a tragic event, taking place in one location and involving the Police, a Politician and the Public.

Next we move onto what was favourite to sweep the board at the sadly cancelled Jussi Film Awards 2020, Finnish romantic comedy Aurora. The titular character played by Mimosa Willamo, agrees to help an Iranian immigrant get married in order for his daughter to be granted asylum.

We conclude the podcast with Lithuanian film Isaac (Izaokas) a yet another -needlessly-pointlessly black and white film, again from a first-time director, this time following treachery between characters through decades of different wars.


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You can listen to previous Episodes of Outside Centre Film Podcast here:

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As I post this, July’s films have been picked and Ill be hoping to record the episode mid July. Do remember Outside Centre has 2 episodes a month , Episode 126 has just been released, to listen to it and future episodes click on one of the Podcast website links and subscribe.

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