Listen To The Outside Centre Podcast Episode 119 & 121

For those who have been following The Peoples Movies, you’ll know we’re determined to get our own Podcast. You’ll be glad to know  The People’s Movies Film Podcast has now launched. The Outside Centre  is a podcast dedicated to  all things world cinema. As you know myself and many other of our writers are fans of world cinema in its various forms.  They watch three new films from around the world  and dissect each one and they don’t hold back.

This week I did record Episode 119, here’s the lowdown on that episode…
Joining us for Episode 119 is Paul Devine from The People’s Movies. We talk about the site as well as Glasgow Film Festival but as always, the focus is on three pieces of world cinema. Firstly, Atlantics from Senegal which was nominated for the Foreign Language Oscar and made it to the semi final stage; next, after being received very well from publications, A Portrait of a Lady on Fire, before concluding the episode with a look at an award winner from Sundance 2020, Mexican film Identifying Features.

Listen to Episode 119

If you like to listen to Episode 119 on your favourite podcasting app or download it, please head over to the site’s website here.


I will be a monthly guest on their show, since Episode 119 I have recorded 2 further episodes. Below is Episode 121, Episode 123 was recorded today (17th May 2020) I will have that episode online  later this month.

This week we are reviewing two Foreign Language Oscar nominations. Firstly, Czech film The Painted Bird  about a boy during WWII and his travels across Europe. The film has been compared to the work of Tarkovsky and it reached the semi final list of the Foreign Language Oscar process before just falling short of the final group.

Next, Italian film The Traitor which is a biopic of Sicilian boss Tommaso Bucsetta played by Pierfranco Farino, which was also put forward for Cannes Film Festival 2019.

Finally, Spanish film The Occupant which is on Netflix and is about a unemployed, jealous businessman called Javier  who wishes to return to his idealized home.

Listen To Episode 121


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