Film Podcasts To Listen To During Lockdown

We’ll admit, we’re a bit behind here on things to do during the lock down. But as some of you may know we’re in the process of finally getting our own podcast. We’re so excited about it and we’ll share more info soon.

As we know the government is encouraging we self isolate during lock down. What better way to relax and chill with your headphones in listening to your favourite podcast. Off course we’re bias here, films! films! films!

With no end in sight to Coronavirus (Covid-19), we decided to compile this list of film podcasts to listen to. There will be a lot ones you expect, there’s a few may haven’t hear off. Like anything this list is subjective  and we know the list below isn’t the ultimate list. If you think we’ve missed out a podcast we should listen to, get in touch and we’ll update.

All the Podcasts are available from the usual Podcasting websites.


The first two podcasts on this list are always first on my list. The official podcast of the world’s biggest and best movie magazine. Expect irrelevant, fun chat all things from the world of Hollywood. Listen to episodes.

Mark Kermode is probably UK’s most recognisable film critic. Not just for his work at The Guardian newspaper and BBC but for his podcast. Co hosted with DJ Simon Mayo, their weekly BBC podcast has been gathered a cult status not just here but worldwide, with fans nicknaming the show ‘Wittertainment‘. 2 hours of fun criticism of the weeks new releases, interviews, banter and hello to Jason Issacs! List/Download Episodes.

Whilst majority of film based podcasts focus on new and classic film, OTC is much more. These guys focus on the cult, the b movies right down to Z Movies. From Horror to Exploitation to Noir and Martial Arts and back. Not just about the films, at times they review music, review international snack boxes and more. Plus the OTC Nation has been running for 12 plus years too with fans worldwide. Listen to episodes.

Everyone knows Roger Ebert was one of the most respected film critics and inspired millions to write about film.Legendary film critic Leonard Maltin is up there too and respected by aspiring and established critics. With his daughter Jessie they are the ultimate movie fans. They love talking about movies, especially with people who share their enthusiasm. A must for anyone not just interested in film, but the history of the art too. Listen to episodes.

This Podcast is from season film critic Vince Leo. The episodes are short but in-depth as they average around the 10 minute mark. Everything from the latest releases to upcoming indie or world cinema releases. Vince just reviews one film at a time, living to it’s quippy, smart, observational. Listen to episodes

You ever wondered how the fuck did that film get made and released? Well this podcast is the one for you! The award inning podcast hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas. They deliver light hearted approach to film criticism. dissecting some truly awful films in a funny entertaining way and with the three being comedians, expect big laughs. Listen to episodes.

We always talk about the so called big site podcasts, we just love podcasts from the smaller indie blogs like our own. Moviescramble are good friends of the our site and we’re big fans of their podcast. Every couple of weeks they release an episode based around a film or the genre of that film. From Parasite, The Hunt, Richard Jewell and more recently The Invisible Man. As we’ll always say support your local and indie film sites as much as the big site, Moviescramble you have our support. Listen to episodes.

This one isn’t exactly a Film podcast, but covers film and tv. A fantastically funny podcast from Stand Up comedian Marc Maron. He’s also starred in Netflix series GLOW, recently in Joker, Spenser Confidential. He releases at least 2 -3 episodes a week, sometimes a actor, musician, fellow comedian. It’s a no holds barred discussion, very open, raw,sometimes personal, most of all funny. At roughly 60-90 minutes per episode you can’t go wrong…Boomer Lives! – Listen to episodes.

Another Award winning podcast and from the UK. An entertaining podcast created by married couple Dave and Cathy who podcast their walk home from the movies. Some swear words plenty of married couple on the bickering side. NME called them the Richard And Judy of podcasting, enough said check them out Listen to episodes.

Love all things horror? This podcast is your wet dream! These guys will have you laughing into the abyss that is the dark side of humanity. From Jeffrey Dahmer,to iconic hauntings, cults, killers, or cryptid encounters, Last Podcast on the Left will feed your dark heart. Listen to episodes.

Do you believe in second chances? This podcast attempts to give second chances to genre films that may not deserve them! Hosted by Mitch Bain and Andy Stewart, we are now big fans and their local to us too! Strap in for some funny, in-depth chat, Listen To Episodes

Love your films from around the world? Cult and classic films? The Criterion Cast will be the podcast for you. Criterion Collection is one of the leading boutique film distributor for years set just in the USA. Since 2016 here in the UK, however not all the releases are available here, though some are through other distributors. Criterion Cast isn’t actually one Podcast it’s several Podcasts. If you are looking for one from a British perspective, check out Criterion Now – Get Podcasts Here.

If you enjoy films that aren’t from mainstream cinema, check this one out. The films are from around the world mostly new releases, they discover some unknown gems, or unknown world cinema which should be forgotten. If they don’t like it, they will let you know. I am a little biased here I am also one of the monthly guests! Listen Outside Centre.

You can probably guess we love our horror films, I Spit On Your Grades is a must listen to podcast. The hosts ‘fight it out’ every episode to see who actually has the best taste in the horror genre. Fun times! Listen to episodes.

The clue is in this podcast’s name, its all about Studio Ghibli. The legendary Japanese animation studio that brought us Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, and Princess Mononoke. This podcast is from one fan sharing his love for these gorgeous family friendly. Listen To episodes.

The Eastern Kicks has established itself as the go to site for all things Asian Film. The long running UK based site has been delivering a critical view of Asian cinema. Now they are in the early days of Podcasting with 5 five episodes. Ranging everything from Takashi Miike to Parasite, Listen to episodes.

Originally posted The Peoples Movies (5th April 2020)

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