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  • DVD Review: Ride,Rise, Roar

    DVD Review: Ride,Rise, Roar

    According to urban myths life begins at 40 and in 4 years time my life will begin but in the 1980’s I was a kid still finding his feet in the big bad world, soon to make the movie into high school. When you’re young you tend to remember the things you hated, the clothes,…

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  • DVD Review – ‘F’

    DVD Review – ‘F’

    In the summer apart from the weather I do really love working on the blog especially during May until early August. The reason is down to this been the time when I get the chance to post lots of great news, images and of course Trailers as there from the Uk’s best Horror Fantasy Film…

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  • DVD Review – GAINSBOURG (Vie Heroique)

    DVD Review – GAINSBOURG (Vie Heroique)

    After Watching F I was glad I decided to watch this movie next rather than first as it really cheered me up after a dull affair. The 20th century has brought us a fair share of colourful icons and this movie was about one of them….Serge Gainsbourg, artist cum singer/ songwriter who redefined the popular…

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  • DVD Review: The Eagle

    DVD Review: The Eagle

    We’ve all lost or left something like money or personal item in a place that if you go back it will be gone but looking could cost you your life, so swallowing your pride and leaving it is more sensible than losing your life as money can be replaced but your life can’t. What if…

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  • DVD Review – Honey 2

    DVD Review – Honey 2

    When you watch any of the X-Factor or Britain’s Got Talent you can see about 60% of the contestants has some talent, some great, some ok but they all have one thing in common they are also very generic. As a manager from an old job used to preach “we all sing from the same…

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  • DVD Review – United

    DVD Review – United

    To about 75% of the world football is the greatest sport in the world(in one of them!) with the other 25% probably probably don’t care about the game or their American who hate that sport they call Soccer especially been a great sporting nation which would see the fans following the likes of American Football,…

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  • DVD Review: Yamada: Way Of The Samurai

    DVD Review: Yamada: Way Of The Samurai

    To be honest when it comes to martial arts I could n’t tell you the difference between Karate and Tae Kwon Do, it doesn’t matter what it’s called it just looks so impressive to watch on screen or in person. When it comes to Thailand its a country right away I could tell you it’s…

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  • DVD Review: Panic Button

    DVD Review: Panic Button

    There was a time when mobile phones where for calling people, plus texting and computers for work, games, internet. The social Networks have grown drastically,no need for a computer all you need is an expensive phone and bobs your uncle. The social networks they are important to this site but there controlling the young minds…

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  • DVD Review – Vampire Boys

    DVD Review – Vampire Boys

    I should have clicked when I received this film through the post with press info, but it arrived as quick as I could say Ming The Merciless. But like any good or bad film I will give the film a chance to prove me wrong like the film of the review Vampire Boys but in…

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  • DVD Review – The Door (Die Tur)

    DVD Review – The Door (Die Tur)

    This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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