DVD Review – Vampire Boys

I should have clicked when I received this film through the post with press info, but it arrived as quick as I could say Ming The Merciless. But like any good or bad film I will give the film a chance to prove me wrong like the film of the review Vampire Boys but in this film’s case it’s how far can you throw it out the window.

Vampire Boys is a homo-erotic tale of Jasin head of a vampire coven who needs to find his one true love before his 100th birthday so he and his fellow vamps can become immortal. Let’s meet Caleb a fresh all American winning Swimmer moves to the City Of Angels Los Angeles to escape the limelight but finds himself walking into a love triangle between his new housemate Paul and Jasin. To make things a little more complicated we have the lovely Tara whom Jasin believes is his true soulmate and the key to the vampires gaining immortality.

Twihards expecting a Twilight spin-off or Lost Boys spin-off will be severely disappointed. Terrible music, pathetic acting. This is like combining Ryan Gosling’s photoshopped abs, with the acting ability of Rosie Huntington-Whitely dancing to Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘Relax’. In hard economic times, money is tight so if you have money to waste you’ll probably have just bought a very expensive Frisbee, avoid like a plague and buy an M N.Shyamalan film instead.

0 Stars | Paul Devine

Horror, Romance, LGBT | USA, 2011 | 18 | 26th September 2011 (UK) | Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment | Dir.Charlie Vaughn | Jason Lockhart, Christian Ferrer, Dylan Vox, Ryan Adames, Jess Allen | Buy: Vampire Boys [DVD]

Originally posted at Cinehouse | 26th September 2011

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