Listen To Outside Centre Film Podcast Episode 131

That time of the month has arrived again! Last week I recorded Episode 131 of Outside Centre Film Podcast.  Exploring world cinema with  September choices  a man in grief in Inceland, A pathetic man stuck in a  Slovakian kitchen sink absurdity that wants to be a Greek Tragedy. Finally a tender love story set in Russian Post war drama that was the country’s Oscar entry last year.


First we discuss A White White Day, directed by Hlynur Pálmason, who’s previous film Winter Brothers was the winner of Film of The Year 2018 on the podcast.

A White White Day is about the grief of an Icelandic man who lost his wife to a car accident.

Next we review Cook, Fuck, Kill from Slovakia, a surrealist Slovakian kitchen sink- come- Greek tragedy regarding a man who enjoys to do all of the above with his own family and beyond.

We conclude with Beanpole which was a Foreign Language Oscar semi finalist, directed by Kantemir Balagov.
It’s a Russian drama that principally follows two women, Iya and Masha as they try to find their way in post War Leningrad.

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You can listen to the previous episodes I was on, click on the links below. The podcast release two episodes a month with filmmaker/writer Ben Woodiwiss the guest critic on the other episodes.  To listen to those episode click on ‘All Episodes’ link below…

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