Films with Food as part if not all Their Plot

Bobs Burgers Movie (20220 on Disney+

Bob’s Burgers Movie, is currently streaming on Disney+. Here is a list of films with food as part of the main plot. The list is varied in genres and some may not always be considered critical success, nor they in particular order, all fit the list requirements. The list not complete either.


Jon Favreau’s mouth watering drama directs and stars in this one. All about a renowned chef struggling to express his artistic culinary skills. After reacting badly to a negative review he becomes unemployable and with help of a friend/ sous chef goes on his own. Not running a restaurant but an old catering van from his ex-wife’s partner (Robert Downey Jr). The pair along with ‘chef’s’ son travel the roads with star sell the Cubanos Sandwich (toasted cheese sandwich). All thanks to the camera techniques, a film leaves you drooling at the food porn on the big screen. At the end credits you see star chef Roy Choi train Favreau make the sandwhich. The pair also had their own ‘Chef show’ on Netflix.

The Founder

Michael Keaton stars in John Lee Hancock’s drama based on the man who found the brothers whose Burger diner would be the birthplace of MacDonalds. Keaton plays Ray Kroc a travelling Milkshake machine maker discovering the indie Californian dinner that he would shape into the world famous franchise . Some shocking moments about that history , The success and greed of capitalism that will leave you to decide who is truly ‘The Founder‘.

The Lunchbox

If there was to be a reason to have smell-a-vision, this film would be heavenly especially if you adore Indian food and curry especially. a soft, quiet, and intimate story from India, wrapped around a deceptively large appetite for human connection via home-cooked meals. Stars Irffan Khan and Nimrat Kaur.  two lonely souls together, caused by a mix-up in India’s dabbawalas (a lunch delivery system for office workers). Ila (Kaur) takes great care to make good lunches for her busy husband, but when her meals are mistakenly delivered to Kahn’s widower Saajan, the two strike a pen-pal relationship by hiding letters in the lunchbox.

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

When it comes to prep and presentation, The Japanese are the masters. sushi chef Jiro Ono, one of the most revered culinary figures on the planet, as he quite simply continues doing what it is that earned him his fame in the first place. To Jiro, there is little else in the world beyond his sushi.


Nicolas Cage with one of his rare critically acclaimed films. This may not be exactly about food, it does deserve to be included in this list. A meditative, emotional tale of companionship and acceptance of loss around a subdued performance from Cage. He plays a former renowned chef who now lives off grid, when his truffle hunting pig is kidnapped.

Babette’s Feast

A film that centres around one meal. Gabriel Axel’s film was first Oscar winning film for Denmark for best foreign film category. A delicately sumptuous film built on self-sacrifice and the notions of expanding ones beliefs. When two religious sisters take in a political refugee from Paris, Babette Hersant, she becomes their cook for 14 years. In a twist of fate, Babette wins the lottery but instead of returning to France, she stays on in the community and sets upon creating a grand feast in tribute to the passing of the village patriarch.


Lovers of Ramen noodles must check this one out. All about the search for the perfect noodle recipe. When two truck drivers stop at a roadside ramen joint, they agree to teach the cafe’s owner, the eponymous Tampopo, how to reach noodle perfection. That’s possibly the most straight forward explanation of Juzo Itami’s gem, comedic and heartwarming.

Julie & Julia

Nora Ephron’s comedy drama about a writer Julie (Amy Adams) who attempts to cook making all 524 recipes from Julia Childs (Meryl Streep) Mastering the Art of French Cooking, she embarks on a culinary adventure of discovery played out in tandem with Julia’s own journey.


Disney’s animated adventure lays on the saying ‘Anyone can cook’ that includes Rodents! A story that explores the existential struggle when a rat follows his dream to become a chef. It’s about the food but also one’s social status and following your dream.

Cloudy With A Chance of meatballs

You’ll crave meatballs after you watch this animated adventure from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller . Story of an inventor who tries to help his home town who is in economic crisis with a machine capable of making food out of water. . Things go wrong creating food storms that now threaten rather than save.

Notables – The Platform, Sideways, The Trip, Burnt, Boiling Point, The Hundred Foot Journey, The Cook, the thief and the lover, Big Night, Delicatessen

Bob’s Burgers Movie is available now on Disney+

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