2022 Arrow FrightFest Must Watch Films

From Midnight Peepshow

Later this month Arrow FrightFest weekend will take place from 25th August until 29th August. All taking place at London’s Leicester Square and Prince Charles Cinema for it’s 23rd year. Five days of the very best of global genre cinema. Unearthing liars and unholy terror, and we won’t be safe at any height.

80 films from around the world will take place, which is impossible to see them all. Many Frightfesters by the festival passes, others single tickets. On Scary Monsters and Super Geeks internet Radio show (and on The Peoples Movies) I created a list of films we cannot wait to see . It’s only a selection and the final choices are YOURS, head over to FrightFest website for full line up.

Night Sky (Dir.Jacob Gentry)

Big fans of indie horror star AJ Bowen (You’re Next, The Signal). This film takes Roger Croman tropes, mixed with starman and 1970’s road movies to create Indie science fiction fantasy as a man and woman attempt to escape a ruthless killer. This film is Gentry‘s follow up film since Broadcast Signal Intrusion.

Something In The Dirt (Dir. Aaron Moorhead, Justin Benson)

Dreamweavers, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, conjuring a very personal film. Mixing up DIY science fiction, character drama That’s dark comedic , full of pre-apocalyptic vibes and overwhelming paranoia. As ever they direct and star as neighbour who witness a paramormal event in Los Angeles which sees them slide into a cathartic rabbit hole of hell (The filmmakers recently stepped into mainstream tv and film with Disney+ Moon Knight starring Oscar Issac)

Midnight Peepshow (Dir.Jake West, Airell Anthony Hayles, Andy Edwards, Ludovica Musumeci)

From Midnight Peepshow

a Soho Peep Show with a difference – the sights on offer are tailor made to its customers’ deepest sinful fears. A twisted portmanteau horror threesome exploring the nightmare side of psychosexual fantasy. With three individuals pay  the ultimate price for dabbling in the dark side of desire.

Lola (Dir.Andrew Legge)

Making it’s UK premiere at Edinburgh a couple of weeks before. A 1940’s set sci-fi thriller with sisters who create a machine that can intercept broadcasts from the future. This delightful apparatus allows them to explore their inner punk a generation before the movement comes into existence.

Mastemah (Dir.Didier D. Daarwin )

A stylish and erudite chiller that smartly oscillates between schizophrenia, possession and pure psychological horror. A young psychiatrist who moves into countryside in hope the traumatic events she faced won’t follow her. However when a dark and mysterious man, she starts to examine her life slides into a downward spiral , is he the devil?

Terrifier 2 (Dir.Damien Leone)

We weren’t the biggest fans of Terrifier but we appreciated gory misadventures of Art the Clown. The festival hosted the world premiere of the first film in 2018 and once again the much anticipated sequel. What made Art possibly one of the scariest clowns in film is the fact he does not speak not forgetting unhinged, merciless unrelenting blood and guts as Art returns to Miles County targetting a bereaved family and teen girl and her brother at Halloween!

Barbarian (Dir. Zach Cregger)

We love those horrors we know very little about and creep up on us, like this one starring Bill Skarsgard (IT aka Pennywise The Clown) and Georgina Campbell. Campbell plays a young woman who heads to a rainy Detroit to rental home before a job interview. Only to find that a mysterious man (Skarsgard) already there. He offers for her to stay there which she accepts only to find that not all what it seems at this rental.

Pussycake (Dir. Pablo Parés )

Described as a ‘new dimension of horror’, A struggling all girl rock band in need to resurrect their careers. Things don’t start well forgotten about their old fanbase, discovered by things beyond reality! An ode to 1980’s horrors, monsters, inter-dimensional journeys, kickass music and gore galore.

Arrow FrightFest will take place from 25th until 29th August. For more info and book single tickets, head to FrightFest website.

Originally posted at The Peoples Movies.

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