Best Free Films On BBC iPlayer (9th January 2022)

Sunday has arrived once again, what films do we have offer to watch ‘free’? This week’s Best Films Free On BBC‘  has classic Michael Caine spy thriller, Burt Lancaster, Stephen Spielberg sci-fi, English ladies in World War II Italy. Viva la Elvis and war of words (and heads) between Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan.

As ever below is an example of what BBC iPlayer has to offer. Head over to the site  to see the full diverse list, there’s something for everyone. Just beware some films are there for a limited time only.


If your looking for lazy Sunday afternoon type film with an impressive cast, this could be the film you are looking for. Cher, Judi Dench, Joan Plowright , Maggie Smith, Lily Tomlin star in this one.

A circle of English ladies settled in the cultured city take an orphan boy, Luca, under their wing.

But even a propaganda encounter with Il Duce cannot protect them when war comes, and it falls to Luca and two brash American women they barely tolerate to ease their existence.

Semi-autobiographical drama from Franco Zeffirelli.

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Nothing better than an entertaining espionage crime thriller and one that stars Michael Caine! Plus it’s not James Bond style nor button mushrooms.

Spy thriller in which intelligence agent Harry Palmer is plunged into the shabby and treacherous world of counter-espionage as he uncovers a bizarre brain drain among scientists. Based on the novel by Len Deighton.

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It may not be a critical success, for fans of the king Elvis Pressley, it’s one of his most beloved.

Lucky Jackson needs money to get an engine good enough to enter his car into the Vegas Grand Prix. He earns the money working as a waiter but loses it again and has to enter the hotel talent contest. His opponent in the contest is the beautiful hotel swimming instructor Rusty Martin. Lucky doesn’t just want to win the money; he wants to win her heart.

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In 1944, the French Resistance must stop a train without damaging its cargo of valuable modern master paintings, which an unusually art-loving Nazi official has appropriated. Gripping thriller worth seeing.

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In the year 2045, the world is a harsh place. Teenager Wade escapes real life by immersing himself in a virtual realm called the Oasis. Its eccentric creator left clues that can be used to claim ownership of the Oasis, but a ruthless corporation is after them too.

It’s pure entertainment at its best from a master creator, a David V. Goliath adventure. It may not be Spielberg’s greatest work but what he has done is created a visually fantastic film
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1561. Young Catholic widow Mary Stuart returns to Scotland from France determined to rule. But intolerant nobles seek to control her, and her older cousin Queen Elizabeth’s sympathies are torn.

Flawed in many ways, intriguing and 2 powerhouse performances from leading ladies.

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The above descriptions are all taken (or partly) from the description at BBC iPlayer

Originally posted at The Peoples Movies | 9th January 2022

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