Film Review – Fall (2022)

Grace Caroline Gardner in Fall (2022)

Would you dangle from a rusty 2000 foot tower to pose for a selfie? Like majority of us the answer will be know unless you’re an adrenalin junkie. Like the two girls in Scott Mann’s survival thriller Fall and one ‘edge’ you don’t want to go over!

Fear reaches new heights, for this one that last week closed Arrow FrightFest and now in UK Cinemas. Virginia Gardner and Grace Caroline Currey are our fearless warriors Hunter and Becky. We open with a flashback with Hunter, Becky who tragically loses her husband (Mason Gooding). 12 months on Becky is loosing her will to live, drowning in sorrow, drink and drugs. Isolated herself from friends and family especially her worried father (played by The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka Negan!).

Becky then gets a visit from her Youtube influencer extreme danger seeking friend Hunter. She coaxes her friend to join her in climbing a 2000 foot abandoned Radio tower in the middle of nowhere. This is the first Becky has climbed anything since the accident. The pair ascend the vertigo inducing tower, and after a few nervy moments they reach the top and Becky releases her husband’s ashes. Suddenly the descent the ladder that got them up breaks. Only with a couple of hungry vultures for company how will they get down the tower?

Getting trapped in some ridiculous places between rocks or TV Towers, some may say karma comes to those who play with death. Even more when certain generations rely on mobiles for everything. Signals will not stretch everywhere and anxiety will take over. Instead of relying on those expensive phones using your wit and patience are your most powerful tools you have.

Fall is a film that you must see on the big screen. You really feel terrifying scale of scary heights the two women find themselves in. Mann puts our fear and anxiety to the test many times. Rusty screws, missing steps, windy weather, little looks over the edge will get your palpitations a good work out.

The girls do try every possible gleaming light of hope, all apart from one fail miserably. The only ‘success’ was Hunter descending down to their bag to get water, little food to keep them alive. Several days in they are no closer to the ground then comes a twist (we’ll say no more).

Fall may not be blessed with originality, it’s all about the odds against our trapped climbers. The platform they take refuge on is small and dehydration is starting to affect them, one false move they are over the edge. Thanks to the chemistry between Gardner and Currey work well together, even when secrets are unearthed. Despite it’s going beyond the laws of physics, Fall entertains on every level.


Thriller | USA, 2022 | 2nd September 2022 (UK) | Cinema | Signature Entertainment | Dir.Scott Mann | Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mason Gooding

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