Happy New Year! 2022 !

I should do this more often, 15th December 2016 I started Chronicles In Film. The sole purpose for the site was to archive my reviews and writings from The People’s Movies, as well as Cinehouse. It was also a chance to review films and shows with no restrictions. The first 4 years or so have been good, very few problems, very busy at The People’s Movies.

Covid-19 arrived, causing hell for everyone, we started to live in our own apocalyptic nightmare. As we started to understand it, our nightmare has slowly become a Dystopian misery. November 2022 my life and my family’s life changed forever, my mum died.

Words cannot describe a loss of a loved one, death is something that we will experience. It was the catalyst of many things, I didn’t want to do much. We all face grief in various ways, there is no right or wrong way. Am I any better, probably yes there’s a long way to go and like many people I will say my mental health be it anxiety is probably fragile. To many people, similar place to take that first step to ask for help. Nothing to be embarrassed about, life goes on.

I will say it’s probably the main reason in 2021 very little has been done on Chronicles In Film last year. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the circumstances, I’m aiming to rectify this in 2022. How many reviews, I won’t quote, though my frame of mind is slowly getting back to writing more again. This editorial is proof, so is the new feature I started posting from The People’s Movies – Best Free Films on BBC iPlayer. I do hope you are enjoying them, this year they’ll be more features and articles. There’s hope 2022 will be a better year overall.

I don’t want to lose focus on the reasons I started this blog. The People’s Movies is obviously my main focus, which I can’t believe is now in its 14th year, celebrating that momentous day in November. The site has just grown with new writers sharing my passion and dream. Which makes Chronicles my own personal project.

2021 finally was the year we got back to cinema, many films finally getting released on the big screen. Others found new homes on streaming services or simply released digitally. Those bigger films found released not just theatrically, but also digital and home release simultaneously. This pandemic has certainly shaped how we watch film, if it’s going to be a success too early to tell, it’s the future.

I don’t want to carry on mumbling, just update you. Briefly let you know where I am with this blog, so I wish you all a Happy New Year. I do hope 2022 will be a better year, and thank you for your continuing support.

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