I fully understand companies, brands anything effected with copyright why they sometimes have to use the law to stop people stealing, what I don’t get is like in films why studio’s and even the video websites like youtube refuse to let say people from the UK see a trailer they deemed for US audience? The internet is a fantastic thing and probably the best promotion tool anyone can ask for when they have something to sell or release and blogs like this one and others like this we will help promote the film you are about to release by wither doing posts on the upcoming film, interview, previews, reviews and of course we will post your trailers on our blogs and websites. So if the trailer is virtually the same why do they prevent people of certain countries watching online the trailer and then copying the link to their sites? surely you want us to help spread the word around about your film? If these film companies are releasing the film near enough same time worldwide wouldn’t it be wise to release promo/ trailer links at the same time? it just makes sense and I agree if a film is been released on one date say in the USA and released 6 months later in the UK, I totally agree with delaying promotion, but even just releasing one trailer to get the interest going would be ideal.

Its the old story you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, so come on film companies get the finger out and let us help you promote those films together!

Originally posted at The Peoples Movies |17th June 2009

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