Listen To The Chronicle Episode 1, Chronicles In Film Podcast!

2023 I promised be the year I get many things I’ve been saying I would do, started. Today I’m delighted to announce The Chronicle, the official podcast of Chronicles In Film has officially launched.

Anyone who follows The Peoples Movies knows I have been trying to start a podcast for a very long time. I haven’t gave up on that idea, still looking for someone to host/ co-hosts (Get in touch if interested). Here on this website it’s just me and perfect place to test the waters and now we have the first episode.

Before I tell you about the first episode, lets chat a little about The Chronicle. What can you expect on the podcast? There’s one simple rule that chat is only about film (old and new), Streaming and television. That maybe a review, retrospective, feature or a rant, no set running time or set number of reviews.

For the debut episode I review Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale and M.Night Shyamalan‘s Knock At The Cabin. I enjoyed recording this episode which lasts around 18 minutes running time. Podcasting as the host is new to myself, they’ll probably be a few teething problems, over time I’ll get them sorted.

Love to know your thoughts on the new episode, with the aim to record new episodes every 1-2 weeks. enjoy the movies!

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