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  • Film Review – House Of Gucci (2021)

    Film Review – House Of Gucci (2021)

    Superman was questioned if he was a bird, was he a plane? In Ridley Scott‘s House Of Gucci is it a historical drama? 1980’s Dallas style Soap Opera cheesefest? A comedy or simply all of them? The name Gucci is synomous in the fashion world. An ego centric family who would do anything including stabbing…

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  • Great Use Of Elvis  Songs In Films

    Great Use Of Elvis Songs In Films

    You don’t need myself to tell you what Elvis Presley songs are great, I thought I would have a look at the best use of Elvis songs in films. These films may not be critically great, it’s how they used them in the film. A lot of songs maybe used in other films and sometimes…

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  • Best Punk Films

    Best Punk Films

    With the recent release of Danny Boyle’s Pistol mini series on Disney, the following list is a selection of some of the so called best Punk films ever made. These will either be about the music and culture, some other may be the characters in the film might be punk. As ever this list is…

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  • Film Review – The Wind Rises (2013)

    Film Review – The Wind Rises (2013)

    Astonishing to think nearly 10 years since Japanese animation maestro Hayao Miyazaki unearthed hiss swan song film, The Wind Rises. Studio Ghibli also went into hiatus after Miyazaki‘s announced ‘retirement’, a decade later you can’t keep a animation master at bay! The Wind Rises like many of Miyazaki’s previous films, it has a personal connection.…

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