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  • Arthouse Horror That Divided Critics And Fans

    Arthouse Horror That Divided Critics And Fans

    In connection with Alex Garland’s Men we have a list of arthouse horror or elevated horror (as some like to call it) that most film critics seem to love but has divided film fans or vice versa. Under The Skin (2014) This was the one that saw a certain Scarlett Johansson, drove around the streets…

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  • Film Review – Gloria Bell (2018)

    Film Review – Gloria Bell (2018)

    In 2013 Sebastian Lelio released his breakthrough Chilean drama, Gloria. It propelled the filmmaker into the international arena, like most critically acclaimed films, a remake usually follows. As history foretells, those remakes usually end badly and 2018 that remake arrived. Gloria Bell is one of those rare occasions a remake actually worked. In the original…

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  • Film Review – The Hand Of God (2021)

    Film Review – The Hand Of God (2021)

    In 1986, Diego Maradonna became public enemy number one in England. All thanks to his ‘Hand Of God‘ goal against England at the World Cup, whilst in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland a patron saint. The Hand Of God is also the title of Paolo Sorrentino’s latest Oscar nominated film which happens to be his…

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  • Films and TV Shows similar to Top Gun Maverick

    Films and TV Shows similar to Top Gun Maverick

    #TopGunMaverick now out in UK cinema @J_PaulDevine @thepeoplesmovie editor reviewed the film @scrymnstrs @radio_voodoo, Here’s a look at The List of films who venture into the Danger Zone #TomCruise

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  • (Some) Michelle Yeoh’s Best Performances

    (Some) Michelle Yeoh’s Best Performances

    Recently on Scary Monsters, Super Geeks Internet Radio Show, I reviewed Everything, Everywhere at once starring Michelle Yeoh. I’ve made a list of some of Michelle Yeoh’s best films and shows. Like every week it’s not a complete list just a selection and not in particular order. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) She was Pierce Bronson’s…

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