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  • Our Most Anticipated Films For Sundance 2022

    Our Most Anticipated Films For Sundance 2022

    It’s that time of the year again, the first major international film festival has arrived, Sundance. Last year was a big year for us at the festival and things where made easier with the whole festival going digital and online. The 2022 Festival was set to be a hybrid format with so many films able…

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  • Best Free Films On BBC iPlayer (9th January 2022)

    Best Free Films On BBC iPlayer (9th January 2022)

    Sunday has arrived once again, what films do we have offer to watch ‘free’? This week’s Best Films Free On BBC‘  has classic Michael Caine spy thriller, Burt Lancaster, Stephen Spielberg sci-fi, English ladies in World War II Italy. Viva la Elvis and war of words (and heads) between Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan. As…

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  • Best Films & Shows of 2021

    Best Films & Shows of 2021

    It was only a matter of time I was going to post my favourite films and shows of the year just passed. Usually I’d go for only films, however Covid-19 has changed our perspective. Streaming services have become so popular as many films aren’t getting a theatrical release or that release is very limited, meaning…

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  • Happy New Year! 2022 !

    Happy New Year! 2022 !

    I should do this more often, 15th December 2016 I started Chronicles In Film. The sole purpose for the site was to archive my reviews and writings from The People’s Movies, as well as Cinehouse. It was also a chance to review films and shows with no restrictions. The first 4 years or so have…

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  • Best Films Free On BBC iPlayer (2nd January 2022)

    Best Films Free On BBC iPlayer (2nd January 2022)

    Happy new year all, the weekend is here again, can only mean  this weeks Best Films Free On BBC iPlayer. This weeks choices can cost you your head, Hollywood icons, Disney animation, laughs and death on a boat. The list below isn’t the complete list, just a selection. Head over to BBC see what’s on…

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